Thursday, December 15, 2011

Passion, Get some!

I see dull people! Everywhere I look lately, I see people passing by opportunities, not living up to their potential, living unexamined and unhappy lives (I freely admit every now and then one of those people I see is in the mirror, but I’m working on it!) I’ve lived an unexamined life at times. You know what you get at the end of the day when you’ve done nothing productive? You get depressed, miserable and lazy.

Lately there is a fire lit under me and it feels GREAT. Maybe it’s a sense of competency and accomplishment at work. Maybe it’s having mostly full use of both my legs again now that my knee is healed. Maybe it’s the Christmas spirit doing the whoolaboola in my soul. Whatever it is, it has me focused, and seeing the doldrums around me makes me want to shake everyone and snap them out of it.

What is life without passion? Who wants to be a bare-minimum person? Life is short, opportunities don’t just land in your lap, and you’re not going to become something amazing sitting on your rear eating potato chips and watching your DVR. I once heard there is no such thing as a missed opportunity, someone else will always come along and pick it up.

So who is living YOUR dream life at the moment, and why isn't it you? What are you afraid of? You think you’re going to fail? If you aren’t failing, you aren’t trying! Ever admire someone with a lot of “experience?” Oscar Wilde said “experience is simply the name we give to our mistakes”. You think your heroes never screwed up? Of course they did. They just kept learning from their mistakes! Or are you afraid you might actually succeed? What will you do when you have to put in the hard work that comes along with success? What will your life be like if you actually make yourself into what you always dreamed? You’d rather hide under a blanket and live like a maintained pet than have control over your own destiny and make a mark on this world in the short time we have on this planet?

Shake it off people, catch the fever, and get moving! Don’t be the bare-minimum flare wearer. Live your life to the fullest, take chances, make changes, grow, risk, LIVE! Let your light shine and show others the way. You’re worth the risk, and you deserve the reward. Now go get some!

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