Monday, June 18, 2012

Shake off the dust!

You may have noticed that my prior post is a little dusty, and that after boldly stating I was embarking on a 12 week happiness project, I failed to let anyone in on how my quest for happiness was going. Ever heard the expression “we plan, God laughs”? Well I’d say whoever coined that one knew what she was talking about. I started out doing great, focusing on eating to nourish, sleeping as much as possible, taking care of my body, and it worked so well I just stayed on the physical path and never went further. I never added to the breadth of the project and I went stagnant. Then life got in the way and I reverted to my old ways of unconscious living and before I knew it the happiness I had begun to cultivate was slipping away.

I’m in a new place in my life, with new goals and new dreams and new understanding of myself. What I hope to share with you from this point forward goes deeper than a spreadsheet full of quantifiable actions calculated for me to appreciate my current life situation. Instead, I have a whole new outlook on life that permeates every beat of my heart and every breath I take in. This life is about the journey, and I’m honored you are interested in taking a peak inside to see what mine is about.

Very shortly I will be on a journey, both physical and mental, that will take me to the heart of paradise, Hawaii! I plan to do some yoga on the beach, eat some amazing short ribs fresh seafood and slow roasted pork roast, walk all over the place, catch some waves, and find a spot in the sand to just be. I’m not sure what revelations, if any, will come to me while I’m gone, but I promise to share whatever it is I find. One thing I can tell you for sure, I purposefully under-planned events for this trip. The old me would have scheduled every single minute to make sure I didn’t miss a single experience in a beautiful place I may never see again. The new me is more interested in having a few of the richest experiences possible and contemplative time to just absorb and process my experiences and to simply exist in this tropical wonderland.

Stay tuned for some sunny insights from the Aloha State!

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