Friday, January 6, 2012

Dream Big, Live Big

What have you always wanted to do? What would really ring your bell? What’s been keeping you back from it? Afraid you’ll look a fool? You’re not good enough to succeed? Afraid you don’t have what it takes? Says who?

A life devoid of big dreams isn’t much of a life. In a brief time of unemployment, I lived a pampered, unexamined (life thanks to a VERY supportive and patient spouse). I wanted for nothing, and little was required of me. The sad thing is, I stopped requiring much from MYSELF. Granted I can now recite most of the lines verbatim from Futurama and Family Guy (in addition to my already impressive knowledge of the Simpsons), but facing a velvet-lined brick wall each day is drudgery.

The good stuff of life is in passion, in victory, in the agony of defeat and the glory of redemption. Those are what make life worth living and weed out future regrets.

I’ve been contemplating many big changes in my life lately. The key to making ALL of those dreams come true is to let go of my fear. Fear of failure, fear of embarrassment, fear of judgment by others…all GONE. Just today I registered for the PaleoFX symposium, where I hope to meet some of my great idols, Robb Wolf, Chris Kresser and Mark Sisson. These gurus have helped to change my life, shaped the condition of my future, and given me the knowledge to extend health to NUMEROUS loved ones. To stand amongst them will be a true honor, and I feel every bit worthy enough to shake their hands.

Because of my passion and my hunger for a bigger life, I’ll approach this experience with joy and love in my heart, and it will drive me to new adventures and new victories.

What will you shoot for in 2012? Please take a minute and share a goal below. Whatever you do, be sure you dream big, and live big!

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