Thursday, November 24, 2011


Happy Thanksgiving to all!!! Today I am thankful to be surrounded by loved ones. This year our family survived my dad’s 3 month battle with life support and slow painful recovery, my broken knee, a major car accident and a battle with breast cancer and a major surgery. What I have learned is that the human spirit is a powerful force; that it wants to survive, to fight on as long as there is an ounce of strength.

Knowing this, I am so grateful to have these wonderful people in my life, to love me and nurture me and show me the meaning of true strength. Because of them I am made stronger. Because of them, I know that I am capable of enduring and thriving. And I am so grateful that they will allow me to give back to them, and to nurture them by preparing a healthy primal Thanksgiving meal rather than a traditional dinner full of gluten and sugar. We will dine on prosciutto-wrapped melon balls, deviled eggs, rosemary roasted turkey, cranberry sauce, roasted Brussels sprouts, buttered carrot soufflé, garlic and herb mashed cauliflower with turkey drippings gravy, and pumpkin pie. And when the forks go down, the smiles will come up. And more importantly, I will know that I have given them more than just a good meal. I will have fed their spirits, and given them perhaps an ounce more strength, that they may stay with me a while longer.

May your day be full of the warmth, love, and strength of your family! Safe and happy Thanksgiving to all!

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