Monday, November 21, 2011

A week of Thanksgiving-Day 5

As is typical of my Sundays, I was super lazy. While I did think up the post for the day, didn't get around to publishing till Monday. Technically my gratitude was given on the day in question, so I think it still counts! Anyways, enjoy!

Today I am thankful for-food!

As I anticipate my awesomly shortened work week, I’m still prepping loads of healthy meals to make sure the next 3 days (and the freezer) are stocked with healthy paleo options. After a trip to the grocery store where I had to beat up old ladies and small children to get at the sweet potatoes (Thanksgiving week or not, this primal girl needs her post-workout tubers!) I prepared a pot roast, corned beef, chicken salad, ground lamb burgers, chicken curry, beef jerky and marinated London broil. As I surveyed my filthy kitchen and my piles of delicious nosh, I realized how very thankful I am to be blessed with such an abundance of good nutritious food. I often take for granted how easily accessible it is, how quick the response is when there is a major food chain contamination, and how privileged we are to be able to demand the highest quality meats and vegetables. While I believe in my heart of hearts that everyone deserves access to sustainably raised, humanely treated grass-fed meats that are fed only what they are biologically inclined to eat (instead of crap fillers to fatten them, and eventually us, for quicker sale and bigger profits), and vegetables not sprayed with toxins causing untold damage to our bodies and the planet, when I think of the many areas of the world that don’t even have clean drinking water and must wait for humanitarian aid packages of the most basic of nutrition to arrive so they can feed their starving children, I must pause and give great thanks for the blessings of abundance I have. I will continue to look for ways to support better food systems, education and awareness of the food which becomes us, but today, I am just thankful that my freezer runneth over.

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