Friday, November 11, 2011

Love-Yourself Friday

It’s love-yourself Friday! Time to take a look back at the week, celebrate your victories, forgive your mistakes, and take stock of what an awesome person you are. Remember you’re more than your failures, and you’re greater than just the sum of your successes. So often people attempt to measure themselves by whether or not they hit their goals or caved into temptations. As if life were some 2-dimensional system of checks and balances. News flash, you are a creature wonderfully and fearfully made, with more depth and complexity than you give yourself credit for, and I can prove it. Take a minute and think of even ONE selfless act you’ve ever done in your life. Now put that into your 2-dimensional tally of workout/diet sense of self-worth. Oh wait, you can’t! Because life is about more than whether or not you resisted that cookie or got up at 5am to push yourself through the workout of the day. Yes, that’s part of taking care of yourself, but it’s not the end-all, be-all of what defines you. So thank yourself for every self-nourishing act, think about what you did to set yourself back, and celebrate the fact that you are more than just a spreadsheet with a total at the bottom.

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