Monday, November 14, 2011

Refocus that focus!

Anyone else struggling to regroup after the weekend? Weekends are a great time to let the 20% of 80/20 live a little, feed your soul, and help keep you focused throughout the week. However, they can also leave you feeling like crap if you over do it, or full of self-loathing if you used it as an excuse fall back into behaviors you thought you'd conquered long ago. We make dozens of choices every day, some of which we later regret. I would challenge all of you to toss away that anchor of regret, and focus on the bright, shiny wrapped gift that is a brand-spakin'-new week. So let's all get happy and focused, and repeat after me: I cannot change what I did yesterday, and so I will accept it, learn from it, and grow. I cannot avoid having temptation placed before me, but I CAN chose to ignore it. Today, I will embrace my primal nature. Today I am in control of my choices, and I will make the right ones.

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