Saturday, November 19, 2011

A week of Thanksgiving-Day 4

Happy Saturday everyone! Today I am thankful for rest, sleep in particular. My hubby and me celebrated today by buying a temper-pedic bed (an early Christmas present to ourselves). This was a huge investement in our health and I can't wait to report on how it affects us.

Studies show that rest is just as important for health and fitness as diet and exercise. In your sleep, muscles are regenerated, growth hormone is at its highest stimulating increased fat loss and strength gains, the immune system is strengthened, important brain functions are performed and memory is enhanced.

In addition, rest is good for your mind and soul. Rest allows you to clear away the mental clutter, refocus on what's important, and use your precious time on the things and people that truly matter in your life. I encourage everyone to have a little bone broth and curl up in bed and get a little extra rest this weekend. And with the holiday weekend almost upon us, we all have a little extra time to spend under the covers. Give yourselves an early Christmas gift and treat your body to some much needed and often deprived sleep! On that note, I'm off to spend one last night in my old bed and treat myself to 8-10 hours of slumber. Nighty night, and sweet dreams to all!

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