Monday, November 28, 2011

Let It Go

Welcome back to the real world everyone. I hope you all enjoyed your holiday as much as I did. It’s get-reinpired Monday, and I thought this might be a timely thought given we’ve all just battled our way through one of the most tempting and delicious days of the year, which usually brings with it some major post-feast guilt.

The other day I was pushing through a WOD involving sets on the rower, and I had an amazing moment of clarity. Each pull was getting harder and harder as my muscles got sore and my lungs crapped out (2 months of inactivity thanks to my broken knee and now my lungs are totally shot!) but after each pull came the release and reset. With each pull I got madder at the machine. I grunted, I swore, I grit my teeth…but with each reset came not only a physical release but a mental release. I found myself saying “let it go” I let go of the pain, let go of the exhaustion, and then let go of the mental baggage I’d been holding on to. All the guilt I’ve felt for eating less than perfect, every missed workout, all the self-doubt and self-degrading thoughts, I released that energy. I found myself digging harder into each row, knowing that the reset would bring another burst of mental freedom.

I started thinking about this phenomenon, and why is it that it takes pressure to feel such enlightenment. Much like the mind deteriorates as we age if we fail to maintain mental stimulation, I believe that our bodies and our souls also need to be pushed to achieve a level of peace and balance. We were made to work, to achieve and to find a way to thrive in adversity.

Today I urge you to find something to dig into and work the burn. Your body will reach a new level of health, and a lighter spirit will be your reward. When you put those dumb-bells down, I promise you’ll be dropping much more than just those weights, if you can just remember to let it go.

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